The Zodiac Club
Client: N/A
Identity Design, Packaging, Editorial Design, Creative

Thus project is a corporate rebrand of astrology, depicting the zodiac signs as part of a prestigious, elite club: The Zodiac Club. It aims to exude a tone of exclusivity as valid membership only lasts during the days of your sign; as well as only being inducted during the year of your 28th birthday (the astrological age of maturity). Using a structural and scientific looking aesthetic, the rebrand aims to attract an audience who traditionally are not welcoming of astrology, or at the very least, not interested. This project is the culmination of 9 months work, my major project during the final year of university in 2014. As well as redrawing the astrological glyphs, I created new visual anchors: 12 custom wireframe shapes. Based on the desire to appeal to a more scientific-minded individual, the Periodic Table was chosen as a fundamental influence and constant aesthetic throughout the brand. A membership pack would get mailed to new members. Other deliverables included multiple poster series' and a graphics brand manual.

Membership Pack Dimensions: 17cm x 14cm x 3.8cm, Material: Acrylic​​​​​​​
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