Helsinki Fashion Week SS20
Client: Nordic Fashion Week Association
Visual Identity, Window Design

Collaborating with designer Fábio Bernardo Silva, we were asked by Nordic Fashion Week Association to create a visual identity across various platforms for the SS20 event. We created a flexible grid system for the identity, one that was malleable enough to fit numerous outputs and content. We needed to adapt the identity for large-scale formats e.g. wall and window tapes across the venues in Helsinki, as well as designing the official programme, brochure, event passes and the event's digital presence. It was important to us for each fashion designer and participant in HFW to be an intricate part of the visual identity, so we created a version of the core logo for each designer, as well as social media graphics for all event speakers & panellists. 
The signature neon colour in the identity was inspired by an algae curtain by EcoLogicStudio, who were commissioned to make the piece for the main venue at HFW, Palace of the Nobility.

Typeface: Mena Grotesk
Photography: Chau Hoang
HFW Venues: Palace of the Nobility, Elisa Kulma, Clarion Hotel Helsinki, Wanha Satama