boom saloon
Edinburgh, Dublin, London

boom saloon is a print publication which highlights the importance of the arts and creative industries whilst working to democratise creativity for good.  It showcases the work of a range of creatives, from students and those who have never been published before right up to the industry experts and leaders. 
boom is a triple stranded business which comprises of boom saloon, boom projects and the boom room. The second strand, boom projects, is an ongoing series of community led projects which use creativity to inspire and empower.  Both of these strands are driven by the creative studio, the boom room. Specialising in design, editorial and strategy work, the boom room works with clients around the world to realise their creative visions.
As art director across the business, I was responsible for the entire design across the first four issues of print edition, the themes of which were Beginnings, Elements, Displacement and Perspective respectively. I also was the lead designer of many creative projects under the boom room.
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