Beckett + Sons
Isle of Lewis

Beckett and Sons is a new coffee shop at the heart of Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. Owner Chris Beckett spent more than 10 years working within the vibrant coffee scenes of Melbourne and Edinburgh, with Beckett and Sons being born out of a desire to bring specialist coffee and brunch culture to the area — with a particular focus on local produce.
The brief asked for an identity that was contemporary and minimalist, complementing the modern style of the local smokehouse that the coffee shop is housed within. A simple but effective colour palette was developed early on, which was followed by the creation of the mug icon — a versatile graphic symbol that is used across multiple outputs in addition to the main logotype.
One primary focus of the brief was to utilise the four big square windows at the front of the building. This provided a perfect opportunity to explore the type treatment in a large and physical capacity. The position of the windows helped inform the designs, which were printed on vinyl stickers in Stornoway. 
Once the identity progressed, the menus were designed to reflect the relaxed nature of the service in the coffee shop. The other deliverables included a loyalty card, gift cards, and a printed advert in the local newspaper that was used to promote the launch.  Finally, the coffee shop’s digital presence includes a microsite and an instagram account. This was a request from the owner, as he wanted an online touchpoint for customers.